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Forum Rules

Violating forum rules could result in administrative action including warnings, suspension, banning and or termination of users account for any length of time seen fit by the moderators or admins.
We are dedicated to providing the best in reviews, articles and forum discussions of related technologies for electronic devices, equipment, components and software for computers, audio/video and communication devices in a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere.

These rules have been adopted as a guide to govern the use of the forum as to avoid unnecessarily offending members and guests and to maintain our ultimate goal of maintaining a professional site governed by a community spirit. These rules will be strictly adhered to and enforced.

While any attempt to create rules that successfully cover all possible problems or abuses of or to the membership of others, the administrators and moderators will retain the discretion to take appropriate action with respect to posts that in their judgment are detrimental to the goals of forum and its members.
We hope that all current and future members will understand the need for rules in a forum and will abide by them for the best interests of all. It is important to remember that forum is a privately owned site and membership is a privilege, not a right. The owner/s of this forum have the right to edit, moderate, delete, ban and terminate any post, topic, content or member in violation of the site rules.


• Each person is limited to one user account. Additional accounts will be deleted
without notice.
• Usernames that are offensive, in any way or in any language or otherwise violate
these rules are not permitted.
• A minimum membership of 30 days and 10 posts is required for the following:
o Posting links.
o Posting in the Classified area
o Custom Avatars
o Custom User Titles
• New members may not post links until reaching a pre-set time an number of posts.

This rule is necessary to curtail spammers.
• A new member unable to post a link may PM a Mod or Admin to check the credibility of
the link and assist.
• Unsolicited and unpaid advertising in posts, signatures, custom titles, avatars,
username or by any other means will be considered SPAM and will not be permitted or
• Links to personal web site in signatures or elsewhere must have prior approval


• General
o Spamming and Spammers in any form WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This includes posting spam, links,spam in signature, banner, avatars or
personal info or username.
o Threads and posts should be in the appropriate forum. Moderators may move threads if
they are better suited to a different forum.
o Duplicate threads in different forums are not permitted. Please choose the forum
that best suites the topic.
o Off topic posts are welcomed, but should be in the appropriate topic.
o Flooding or trolling will not be permitted or tolerated.

• Content
o Religious and political topics are not permitted, except where in the designated.
o Racist, sexist, or similar posts will not be permitted or tolerated.
o Swearing, obscenity, vulgar expressions will not be permitted or tolerated.
o Nudity, Sexually Explicit images, links or discussions of such will not be permitted or tolerated.
o Discussion of illegal software, hacking (cracking), and other illegal activities,
links to sites promoting these activities will not be permitted or tolerated.
o Attempts to circumvent these rules or the censor filter by using acronyms, variation
in spelling, replacing letters with symbols, etc., will not be permitted or tolerated.
o For your own protection from spider searches, do not post email addresses.
If you need to give another member your address, use the Private Message (PM) tool.

• Courtesy
o Rudeness or other types of flaming toward another member, including insults,
will not be permitted or tolerated.
o Private Messages are to be kept private; the contents may not be posted in a forum
as this would defeat the purpose of Private Messaging.
o A member who receives a threatening or harassing Private Message should report it
to a moderator
o Open, polite exchange of different opinions is permitted as long as it stays civil.

Rules Violations:

• In the event a “spammer” joins the site for the sole purpose of posting SPAM filled
threads, both the thread and the spammer’s membership will immediately be deleted.
• Posts or threads that violate these rules should be reported using the “Report”
• Moderators may ask a member to edit a post if it contains questionable material.
• A post that is in obvious violation of the rules may be deleted or edited by
a moderator.
• In most instances, blatant or repeated violators will be given a warning;
if violations continue, the member may be banned and or membership terminated.
• At times, conduct may be considered detrimental to the forum.
Such conduct will subject to review at the discretion of the Mods and Admins.
• The length of a ban will vary from case to case and is at the discretion of
the Admins and Mods.
• Any member posting illegal content may be subject to legal action by authorities
having jurisdiction.

Forum Guests:

• Forum guests are welcome and encouraged to read and enjoy the forum prior to joining.
• Guests are free to view the forum. All other forum activities require membership.
• Forum membership is free.

Thank you,
New Tech Horizon Management