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Corsair: My happy story What happens when you try to use a year old RMA?

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 02:09 PM

Corsair: Customer Experience Plus

As many of you know, I have used several different Corsair products without ever really becoming a fan of them. I have used their Survivor series of USB drives not because of the performance but because of its’ durability. The RAM I use is Corsair because I wanted an 8MB Kit that support BEMP* and it was the only one available at the time. The RAM has been a solid performer but I was never able to use it the way I had wanted to.

I purchased (back in 2011) an H60 for use on a Phenom II 965BE, It worked well until I upgraded to a 1090T and tried to over-clocking the chip. At which time the H60 was simply overwhelmed. I needed an upgrade so in Jan of 2012 I ordered an H80 (the largest my case to hold) and two FX 8350s (one for me one for the wife). It worked for a few months, with an FX 8350 running folding@home the best the H80 did was to keep the temps in the mid 50s to lower 60s, there was no room for over-clocking like I had hoped. (As an FYI: the max temp on an FX 8350 is 63c.) By August of 2012 It squealed very loudly at startup which was followed by a constant squeaking noise, my CPU would overheat in less than 15 minutes. The performance was only slightly better than no cooler at all. I contacted Corsair and arranged for an RMA.

Before I could get it shipped in I suffered a cardiac event. I contacted Corsair to let them know that I would not be able to ship the unit back any time soon. The reply was not to worry about it, once an RMA is issues it is good until such time as they receive the broken product.

October 2013 (yes, more than a year after the RMA was issued) rolls around and I finally have the extra cash laying around to ship the broken H80 back to Corsair. Two weeks after I shipped the unit back I had still not received word on the status of my replacement. I called Corsair support, the product had been received two weeks earlier however it had not been processed yet. The agent I spoke with processed the receipt, ordered up the replacement and promised an e-mail with the tracking information as soon as shipping had processed the order for shipment (within three to five days). Two hours later I got the e-mail with the tracking number, five days later the replacement was installed into my wife’s computer and working fine.

Here is what surprised me, about two months after I was given my RMA number I found out that my h80 had a manufacturing defect that caused the pump to make unexpected noises and to fail early. They were asking everyone within the afflicted lot numbers were being asked to return the units for replacement with a repaired (refurbished) h80. More than a year later my h80 was replaced with an H80i. The H80i is working far better than the h80 ever did. Even with folding running full bore on her FX 8350 the temps rarely reach 51c.

I am quite happy with Corsair support, even after more than a year they honored the RMA without having to request a new RMA (even after they changed to a SalesForce support system) and I was upgraded to the new H80i, even though they had refurbished h80s in stock to ship out.

So, when you are out shopping and run into a situation where you have a Corsair product competing with any other product all I ask is that you remember reading this and ask yourself this question: Does Corsair have your back?.”
For my part, I will be replacing my Antec 620 with a Corsair H80i as soon as it arrives. I know the product works and I know that Corsair has my back should anything go wrong.

* As a side note; I never did get BEMP enabled. That was not Corsair’s fault that is just another prime example of the high quality of AMD’s software and AMD’s ability to follow through with advertised marketing plans (schemes).

Ken /|\

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 02:40 AM

I've been with Corsair for a while now. I really like their products. My computer is all Corsair beside the cpu and motherboard and my storage drives. My case, ram, ssd, cpu cooler, and psu are all Corsair and ran very well until my 2 ssd went out. I don't blame Corsair for the ssd, because I got them refurbished.

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